CDN Security Analytics

Store and Analyze all your Content Delivery Network (CDN) logs from Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly, and Cloudflare to identify and protect against Denial of Service attacks, breaches, and other security events.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers offload log data storage to their customers.

Providers such as Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly, and Cloudflare allow their customers to send all of their web application and edge network logs to an endpoint such as Amazon S3. This allows the provider to no longer carry the burden of storing the log data but unfortunately passes that pain off to the customer. Amazon S3 can help to allow customers a secure and durable location for maintenance-free long term storage, but existing solutions to ask questions on your S3 data such as Athena can be painful to use and expensive.

Use CHAOSSEARCH to search and analyze ALL your CDN logs without moving them from Amazon S3

CHAOSSEARCH allows you to search all your log and event data on Amazon S3 with Elasticsearch capable APIs. Query months and years or your CDN log data all without ever having to ingest into a database such as Elasticsearch. Stop throwing away your valuable log data and get access to an unlimited amount of retention to identify trends in usage and potentially identify security issues before they become breaches. Use your log data to drive business decisions and help forecast future growth trends in your web applications.

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