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Streaming log and event data from multiple sources, in various formats, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Chaos Sumo enables you to instantly consolidate all of your log data types and sources into one centralized location where you can automatically group and normalize the data for further analysis.

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Stop Wrangling Data From Different Sources

You no longer need to spend hours collecting and formatting your log and event data from across all of your different locations. Chaos Sumo will consolidate it all into S3 and automatically prepare it for use across your business.


Automatically Normalize All Log Data Types

As logs stream into S3 from Logstash, AWS, or your application, Chaos Sumo takes care of centralizing and automatically normalizing your data into a universal, standardized file format, instantly preparing it for querying and visualization within Kibana.


Transform Massive Amounts of Raw Data

Chaos Sumo provides scalability and performance that supports explosive data growth, automatically collecting it, organizing it and and standardizing it for easy and cost-effective storage and analysis. Don’t worry about the cost or performance of your growing data, Chaos Sumo will manage it all at a cost that won’t break your budget.


Save hours of collecting, organizing and standardizing your log and event data with Chaos Sumo

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