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Fully Managed Search and Analytics Service

With built-in performance, there’s no infrastructure to manage or knobs to turn.

Zero management

CHAOSSEARCH eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional log management solutions. CHAOSSEARCH is a true, multi-tenant, data-as-a-service platform running in the cloud, all within your own S3. That’s right. There’s no infrastructure to manage or knobs to turn. CHAOSSEARCH automatically handles infrastructure, optimization, availability, data protection, and more so you can focus on gaining insights from your data instead of managing it.

A new standard in search analytics

Conventional log management solutions struggle to deliver a cost-effective balance between performance and data retention. To solve that, we’ve taken an entirely new approach to data search and analytics. Based on Amazon S3 as a data store, CHAOSSEARCH is a patented new file format and distributed architecture that makes it easy to amass all your data, enable rapid search analytics, and derive fast data insights for all your users.

Improved search analytics and data insights chart
Processing queries over large datasets in a fraction of the time chart example

Compelling performance at scale

CHAOSSEARCH processes queries over large datasets in a fraction of the time of conventional self-hosted Elasticsearch-based solutions. Our new patented “Data Edge” file format uses advanced optimizations, including automatic worker clustering, which removes the headache of manually re-clustering when new data is loaded into S3. Combined with the capacity to scale up and down, automatically and on the fly, you get the exact performance you need, when you need it.

No data movement and no ETL

Take advantage of a centralized data repository on S3. We give you a cost-effective and scalable solution that makes it possible to store unlimited data of any type, from any source.

No need to move your S3 data chart

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