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IoT Application Analytics

Combine device, sensor, clickstream and IT operational data to reveal hidden insights and make better decisions

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Bring your data together

Combine all your data, no matter the type or source — corporate data, weblogs, mobile, clickstream, machine data and more — into a single solution that enables data-driven insights. Avoid disparate data silos, difficult data integration, and complex data pipeline transformations. Simply store your data in an Amazon S3 data lake and let CHAOSSEARCH do the rest.

Time-series analytics built for IoT

Time-series data is the foundation of all IoT applications. Knowing when something could go wrong is critical to avoiding catastrophe. CHAOSSEARCH enables you to quickly search and uncover device event data to reveal missing data points, out-of-bounds values, and other outliers before anomalous behavior affects operations. All of this happens without the need to develop custom scripts or algorithms – saving your time and effort.

Search without compromise

By its nature, IoT demands both scale and speed. Don’t compromise performance by choosing just one. The CHAOSSEARCH architecture is tailor-made to collect, search and analyze IoT event stream data. With CHAOSSEARCH event data is always hot, never moved, easily transformed, and immediately available for query and action.

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Save hours of collecting, organizing, and standardizing your AWS log and event data with CHAOSSEARCH.

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