Limitless Data Retention

Use the power of Amazon S3 storage for unlimited retention of log and event data.

Develop new business insights on years of log and event data

Analyze years of data instead of days or weeks. CHAOSSEARCH gives you the ability to identify seasonal and long-term trends. Unlock your data and create a competitive advantage with a data-driven business.

Achieve cost-effective data retention compliance

Today’s compliance requirements can pose a financial burden. Security needs and audits can mandate that you are required to maintain around huge amounts of log and event data. Use CHAOSSEARCH to quickly query and analyze your log data. More importantly, you never have to move your data out of Amazon S3. Respond to compliance requests instantly without waiting to ingest the data into a database.

Identify security anomalies across massive log volumes

The dwell time of security events can be measured in months and years. But storing months and years worth of security events is cost-prohibitive in Elasticsearch. Stream your security events into Amazon S3 and use CHAOSSEARCH to query months and years of security event data to easily identify any event. We enable you to understand “who did what and when” – easily and cost-effectively.

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