CHAOSSEARCH is a cloud-based service for storing, searching, querying, and visualizing your historical log and event data.

CHAOSSEARCH brings a uniquely different approach to managing and analyzing the tsunami of log and event data that you are generating today, providing visibility and insight into the value of historical data over time.

QuotationBy 2020, the digital universe will reach 44 zettabytes — IDC

A New Approach

CHAOSSEARCH is the Future of Log Management and Analytics.

With CHAOSSEARCH, Amazon S3 is transformed from a basic dumping ground for data into a live, searchable log management and analytics solution. By leveraging S3 cost economics (e.g. $25 for a TB) and its ease of use (i.e. store anything, at any scale), CHAOSSEARCH turns your S3 account into a search and analytics platform that can cost-effectively provide “live” access to terabytes of data over months and years. No data movement. No data duplication. No transformation.

Amazon S3 is the logical place to analyze historical log and event data.”

Thomas HazelCTO and Founder, CHAOSSEARCH

A New Indexing Paradigm

CHAOSSEARCH is built on a patent-pending database file format called “Data Edge.” The premise behind Data Edge is to compress/index data to its theoretical minimum. Data indexed by Data Edge is compressed by up to 5X — and sometimes more. Data Edge is a representation of dimensional locality of reference, where data and references are optimized for both compression and indexing. This representation allows for greater compression ratios than standard tools using the same compression algorithms. But unlike compression tools, Data Edge enables both text search and relational queries because of its unique representation.

High Performance at Low Cost

A significant challenge to businesses today is retaining and analyzing the deluge of log and event data generated by all sorts of applications and devices — at low cost. CHAOSSEARCH has designed and built a service from the ground up that addresses the cost prohibitive nature of storing and analyzing log and event data over months and years — without sacrificing speed or performance.

Our focus from the start has been to build a high performance distributed architecture that can take advantage of modern cloud computing design patterns, most notably scaling in/out with differently sized workloads.

In order to maintain this performance, we routinely benchmark against other technologies. CHAOSSEARCH has been architected to cost a fraction of traditional logging solutions — reducing the cost to store, search, query, and visualize historical log data by up to 80%.

CHAOSSEARCH is solving critical and complex problems without sacrificing quality and cohesiveness, all while keeping the cost extremely competitive”

Mo WajdanLead Software Architect, Jitterbit

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