Features and Functionality of the CHAOSSEARCH Service.


CHAOSSEARCH is an auto-scaling distributed SaaS service, enabling you to rapidly scale index and query data in S3 without having to move data or provision other services.

S3 Data Fabric

High-performance data fabric around S3 decouples storage from compute, providing fast text search and relational query access to your existing cost-efficient S3 storage.

Data Management

Automatically group, organize, and catalog your log and event data together based on date, type, or source, allowing you to search and analyze specific data silos. Create virtual folders and virtual buckets.

Data Refinery

Easily join, aggregate, and correlate your fully indexed log and event data to create new results sets that can be queried or searched.

Live Data Pipelines

Create data filters and virtual buckets. Funnel data sources into live data pipelines that are automatically indexed in the background.

API Extensions

Amazon S3 and Elasticsearch API extensions allow you to search, query, and visualize terabytes of historic log and event data directly within S3.

Kibana Integration

We’ve integrated Kibana directly into the console. Search terabytes of log data and create new shapes and dashboards. Start with one question and go from there.


Based on S3 cost economics, CHAOSSEARCH allows you to cost-effectively store, search, query, and visualize terabytes of log data from a single console.

Reduced Data Footprint

Data indexed by CHAOSSEARCH is reduced by over 5X. 10 terabytes is quickly compressed to 2 terabytes, reducing your data footprint and overall S3 costs.

High Performance

CHAOSSEARCH is fast. Built on a distributed architecture. Indexing, search, and queries are executed in parallel across the data fabric.

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