SaaS applications typically receive and generate massive amounts of log data.

Customers of SaaS providers are demanding greater access to their data for deeper insight into what is happening within their application environment. However, due to data retention constraints, SaaS providers can only provide a small window of data — typically 5 to 7 days — forcing customers to manually export application logs into other services for historical analytics. This is time consuming and moves data and customers outside of the SaaS provider. By providing direct API access into the CHAOSSEARCH service, SaaS providers can extend data retention to their customers with a branded offering integrated into their own console.

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Integrated API Access to the CHAOSSEARCH Service
  • Embed a data retention offering directly into your SaaS application — no log exports, no moving of data out of your application
  • Provide your SaaS customers with an extended window into historical log data from within your own service
  • Keep your SaaS customers within your application — never move the data
Visibility Into Historical Application Data Over Time
  • Let your customers store, scale, search, and analyze ALL their historical data for insights that can be used for forensic search
  • Provide your customers with insight into what is happening across their application environment, such as performance over time, who are
    the super users of the service / API, concurrent hits to an API per minute, where the hits are coming from, etc.
  • Analyze performance over time and monitor anomalies for security purposes
Provide Advanced Analytics Through Machine Learning
  • Improved application visibility and optimization
  • Predict future failures based on patterns associated with past anomalies
  • Leverage supervised learning to automatically search all of your logs and events, making correlations and finding interdependencies
  • Leverage unsupervised learning to uncover and mine the unknown value of large volumes of log and event data. Detect anomalies that
    short-term datasets cannot uncover

Provide your customers with long-term visibility and insight into months years of Application log data… at 1/10 of your current costs.

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