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Understand user behavior, achieve security compliance, and manage risk with CHAOSSEARCH.

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Get the answers you need from your data on Amazon S3

S3 is a durable, secure, and low-cost solution to long term data storage. But in order to search, query, and visualize you need to know what you are looking for. Tools like Amazon Athena can provide you SQL style access to your data, but in order to leverage text search businesses are required to move data out of S3 and index it into a database technology like Elasticsearch. Keep your data in S3, and use the CHAOSSEARCH platform to find what you are looking for and get immediate answers to your questions.

Analyze historical log data for security risk and compliance

Tracking user access and system level activity is causing an explosion in the amount of log and event data that companies must manage. In addition, storing months and years worth of security data is cost prohibitive in databases like Elasticsearch. Retain your log data into S3 for a cost-effective solution to the long term data storage problem. Get instant access to this data for compliance requests without moving it from your S3 infrastructure.

Search and locate anomalies before they become issues

Stream your user access and system level activity data into CHAOSSEARCH and instantly be able to understand and identify anomalous activity across your environment. Cost-effectively store months and years worth of data to always be able to understand what happened when security events occur.

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Achieve compliance, understand risk, and respond to security issues immediately with CHAOSSEARCH.

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