Scale Your Data, Not Your Infrastructure

CHAOSSEARCH is a cloud-based log management and analytics service that extends the power of ELK directly onto AWS S3. Get access to long-term data that you’ve never had before.

Stream S3 data

Stream Log &
Event Data to S3

Get started by streaming all log and event data, from all sources, directly into AWS S3.

organize data

Quickly Organize
& Group Data

Automatically group, tag, and catalog log and event data in S3 based on type or source.

Normalize data types

Instantly Normalize
& Index Data

Normalize all log and event data types. Fully index the data and eliminate re-indexing.

search and visualize

Search & Visualize
with Kibana

Search and visualize terabytes of long-term data with the Elasticsearch API or Kibana.

Live Archive ALL Your Log and Event Data and Start Searching

  • Automatically index ALL your data directly in S3, no data movement
  • Indexing compresses raw sources upwards of 5X, sometimes more
  • Indexed data supports both text search and relational queries
  • Instantly normalize, aggregate, and correlate indexed data
  • Powered by Data Edge Indexing — scales data, not infrastructure
Data Size = Data Cost

Instantly Reduce Your Indexed Data Footprint with CHAOSSEARCH.

Your Raw Log & Event Data

* Data indexing size may vary based on data type.




Organize S3

Organize and consolidate your log data sources into one centralized location on S3. Automatically catalog, group, and index data for further analysis — at 1/10th the cost of Elasticsearch.

Live Archive

Scale your data, not your infrastructure. Add more capacity, reduce nodes, and minimize operational and management costs. Turn your S3 into a searchable Elastic cluster.

Analyze Trends

Get deep visibility into your data over time. With CHAOSSEARCH, your data is indexed once, allowing you to easily conduct basic text searches, or more sophisticated relational queries including data aggregation, correlation, and JOINs.

Store, search, query, and visualize terabytes of historic log data on your own S3 infrastructure. Start your 7-day trial today.

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