Don’t limit your data – retain months or years, of logs and events

Stop choosing between data retention and cost. Store all your data in Amazon S3 and use CHAOSSEARCH to quickly and easily get answers to your questions. Don’t limit yourself due to the challenge of scaling Elasticsearch clusters to handle your data. Simply use Amazon S3 for a zero-maintenance solution to your log and event scaling problems.

Use Elasticsearch APIs and Kibana to find immediate answers

With CHAOSSEARCH you don’t need to spend time and energy rewriting your applications for new APIs or learning new data visualization technologies. CHAOSSEARCH not only extends the Amazon S3 APIs, but also exposes Elasticsearch capable APIs that you can continue to interact with. CHAOSSEARCH also supports the popular open source tool Kibana, allowing you the ability to use the same queries and data visualizations you use today.

Leverage both text search and relational style queries on your S3 data

The CHAOSSEARCH, patent-pending, data storage technology opens new possibilities for data insights. Store all your data on Amazon S3 and CHAOSSEARCH provides the ability to query your data using both full text and relational concepts. Join existing indices and create new sort orders to find answers to your questions without resorting to time consuming and expensive ETL jobs.

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