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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Understand Your Customers To Better Serve Their Needs

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Data is the lifeblood of marketing

According to HubSpot, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software that aggregates and organizes customer data across a variety of touchpoints (examples include CRM, marketing automation platform, SaaS applications, web forms, email, social media activity, website and e-commerce behavioral data) and is used by other software, systems, and marketing efforts.

A typical need for today’s savvy SaaS vendors is to collect and analyze web and application clickstream data. This data is often the primary source to build data lakes. CHAOSSEARCH provides rich search and analytics across months and years of data so your web and marketing teams can better understand how customers traverse and interact with your digital properties.

Customer 360 search

It’s hard to get a 360 degree view of your customer if you have to limit your data sets. The data lake will let you centralize all your data directly in Amazon S3, and CHAOSSEARCH will let you analyze your data sets in place. You can improve your products, services, and operations by understanding how your company interacts with customers across all channels.

Eliminate data fragmentation

This is the single most important imperative for every marketing operations team: to fight against data fragmentation and find ways to unite the whole marketing stack at the data layer. The traditional way to do that was to extract, transform, and load (ETL) everything into a marketing data warehouse. However, for many marketing teams, this is simply out of reach or terribly inefficient because they need to ask IT for help with each new use case.

CHAOSSEARCH enables the marketing team to leverage the data in place, slice the data in new ways to meet their ever-changing needs, and visualize it quickly. CHAOSSEARCH is optimized for the kinds of data that marketers deal with every day (high-volume, un-structured, multi-sourced). Store, search and query terabytes of customer data directly in Amazon S3.

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