The Ultimate Elasticsearch Alternative

When ballooning data threatens your Elasticsearch strategy, data retention is often sacrificed & expenses soar.

Now replace Elasticsearch with CHAOSSEARCH to realize limitless data retention & massive cost savings.

The hidden challenges of logging with Elasticsearch

Are you evaluating or currently using the open source log management system, ELK (Elasticsearch – Logstash – Kibana)? Many organizations choose to self manage their logging infrastructure. They opt for solutions like ELK Stack and deploy these systems within their existing cloud providers’ infrastructures. While the software may be free. There is always a cost to run any proprietary or open source software.

It’s easy to identify the hard costs of an open source software project, such as Amazon EC2, EBS, and network transfer fees. However, you can’t ignore the human cost of deploying, managing and scaling Elasticsearch clusters.

CHAOSSEARCH lets you simplify log management and Elasticsearch management with our service. Now, you can store and search your data and, at the same time, free up engineering time to concentrate on driving business value, not accidental complexity.

CHAOSSEARCH simplifies the challenges of elasticsearch management and deployment.
The CHAOSSEARCH platform gives you unlimited storage of your log and event data. Thee result is low cost and high performance on Amazon S3.

Log search and analytics

The CHAOSSEARCH platform takes advantage of the low cost and high performance of Amazon S3. The result is unlimited storage of your log and event data.

Now, you can quickly index, search, and analyze months and years of log and event data stored within your own Amazon S3 infrastructure. And, since your S3 account is the backing data store, there’s no need to worry about data replication, scaling, or availability. You can quickly search and analyze months and years of log and event data to identify trends and patterns previously hidden Рall at an extremely disruptive price.

Unlimited data retention

CHAOSSEARCH is a powerful new indexing technology that dramatically compresses data and stores all customer indexes in their own Amazon S3 account. Giving customers control over their data allows them to manage the security and lifecycle of their log data, retaining it as long as they wish in their Amazon account. Since CHAOSSEARCH fully indexes all fields in the log event and never returns to the source data after indexing, customers can archive the original data to Amazon Glacier for even more significant cost savings. No longer choose between data retention and your ever-growing Amazon storage costs.

Try CHAOSSEARCH for free

Forget about ELK. Use CHAOSSEARCH to store, search, and query log data directly in your own S3 infrastructure.