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Alternative To Elasticsearch-based Log Management Solutions

These days, rapidly scaling log and event data is shining a harsh light on the cost and complexity of maintaining a legacy Elasticsearch-based solution.

It’s costly and complex to retain months and years of log data

Are you hitting the ELK Stack wall? Most businesses running an Elasticsearch-based solution are forced to archive or delete log and event data after a few days or weeks because it’s too cost-prohibitive to retain with existing log management solutions like Elasticsearch and the ELK Stack. With log and event storage – the indices can be larger than the source data itself. The growing flood of log and event data has companies scrambling to add additional Elasticsearch servers and expensive disks to each system to continue to scale.

Offloading indices to S3 only slows down the time to answers

To avoid building a complicated Hot/Warm Elasticsearch cluster, many operators leverage the built-in AWS plugins for Elasticsearch. They snapshot their indexes directly to Amazon S3 to age out old data from the cluster. However, indices sent to Amazon S3 first need to be restored to a running, hot Elasticsearch cluster before you can ask questions. If your existing Elasticsearch cluster does not have the available disk space to restore to, you would need to provision additional servers to complete the restore operation.

This is a time consuming, complex, and expensive process that drastically increases the time required to gain value from your data.

Introducing CHAOSSEARCH. The new standard in log search analytics.

With CHAOSSEARCH, use your Amazon S3 account to store and index all your log and event data without ever having to move the data or process into a separate database. CHAOSSEARCH stores all of the indexes in your Amazon S3 account in a highly compressed state, yet still fully searchable and queryable. Leave all your data fully indexed within your Amazon S3 bucket, and get quick answers to your questions.

CHAOSSEARCH is not an overlay or an add-on to Elasticsearch, but rather a full replacement of it. CHAOSSEARCH publishes Elasticsearch APIs, but we do not run any Elasticsearch software under the hood.  One huge benefit is that existing Elasticsearch users do not have to port their implementations. In other words you get all of the power of CHAOSSEARCH without any heavy lifting.

Don’t spend time and money building Elasticsearch clusters to support restoring your Lucene indexes to ask questions.

Just leverage the CHAOSSEARCH platform to search, query, and visualize your data, all instantly, all without ever having to move your data.

CHAOSSEARCH indexing is 25x smaller
and 60x faster to build than Elasticsearch
(1.35 Billion)
CHAOSSEARCH Elasticsearch
Index – Time 1.6 hours 4.2 days
Index – Size 80GB 2,100GB
Index – Cost < $1

Raw ELB data = 400GB

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Reduce the size of your existing Elasticsearch or ELK Stack with the power of Amazon S3.

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