Log data is exploding, and it’s expensive to retain.

Most businesses archive or delete log and event data after a few days or weeks because it’s too cost-prohibitive to retain with existing log management solutions. But long-term log and event data can provide insight into the product, system, and security patterns and trends over time. Built as a data fabric on top of S3, CHAOSSEARCH has extended the Elasticsearch API to offer the world’s first cost-effective solution to search, query, and visualize terabytes of log data over weeks, months, and years.

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Analyze & Identify Patterns More Easily
  • Search and analyze months and years of log and event data stored within your own S3 infrastructure to identify trends and patterns
  • With data insight over months and years, you will uncover information about your business — from performance trends to security
    anomalies — that doesn’t show up in a 7-14 day log window
Group & Slice Data to Identify Trends & Patterns
  • Conduct text search or more sophisticated relational queries including data aggregation and correlation from within the same interface — all in your S3
  • Create joins and aggregations that can be published as a queryable or searchable index
  • Search and query log data either through the API or visualize using Kibana
Fully Index All Your Data as it Streams to S3
  • Fully index all your data automatically as it streams into S3
  • Reduce the cost of your data footprint by 10X – 1 TB indexes to
    200 GB
  • Data size = data cost — store more log data, search more log data

Search the tail. Achieve long-term visibility and insight into years of log and event data… at 1/10 of your current costs.

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