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Historical Data Analytics

Text search, visualizations, and relational queries from one platform.

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Log data is exploding, and it’s expensive to retain and access

Most businesses archive or delete log and event data after a few days or weeks because it’s too cost-prohibitive to retain with existing log management solutions. But long-term log and event data can provide insight into the product, system, and security patterns and trends over time. Built as a fully managed SaaS service using your Amazon S3, CHAOSSEARCH has extended the Elasticsearch API to offer the world’s first cost-effective solution to search, query, and visualize terabytes of log data over weeks, months, and years.

Search, query, and visualize with tools like Kibana

CHAOSSEARCH fully indexes all your data automatically as it streams into S3. We store your indexes into YOUR S3 infrastructure in a highly compressed yet searchable way. Reduce the size and cost of your data; CHAOSSEARCH indexes are 5-10x smaller than the raw source data.

Search and analyze months and years of log and event data stored within your own S3 infrastructure to identify trends and patterns. Uncover information about your business — from performance trends to security anomalies. Conduct text search or more sophisticated relational queries including data aggregation and correlation from within the same interface — all in your Amazon S3.

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Achieve long-term visibility and insight into years of log and event data.

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