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Fast search and analytics across your entire ops stack

Ops teams are fighting an incoming tide trying to manage a combination of complex legacy infrastructure together with containers and microservices generated from newer cloud-based SaaS applications.  CHAOSSEARCH allows you to centralize, search and visualize your entire environment directly on Amazon S3 – application logs, devices, server logs, AWS logs.

Search across disparate data sources at scale

Log data is coming in from everywhere.  App log data, machine data, clickstream data – you need 360-degree visibility to fully understand what’s happening across all environments. CHAOSSEARCH makes it easy to search and analyze all of these disparate data sources. Our platform scales like no other solution, enabling you to map complex associations and dependencies across terabytes of data.

Gain access to all your Amazon S3 data

Stop choosing between data retention and cost. CHAOSSEARCH enables you to store all your data in Amazon S3, then, quickly and easily get answers to your questions. Now, you can eliminate the challenges associated with scaling Elasticsearch clusters to search data. With CHAOSSEARCH you simply use Amazon S3 for a zero-maintenance solution for your log and event data management challenges.

Centralize and normalize your log and event data for analysis

Stop spending hours collecting, organizing, and formatting log and event data from multiple locations. Use standard log shippers to stream your log and event data to Amazon S3. CHAOSSEARCH will automatically discover and create schemas for your log data and make it available to search or query from the Elasticsearch API or Kibana. Based on a scalable distributed architecture, CHAOSSEARCH easily handles hundreds of TBs.

No port required

There are no new APIs to use — CHAOSSEARCH not only extends Amazon S3 APIs but also exposes Elasticsearch compatible APIs to improve and simplify log analysis. CHAOSSEARCH also supports the popular open source tool Kibana, allowing you the ability to use the same queries and data visualizations you use today.

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Save hours of collecting, organizing, and standardizing your AWS log and event data with CHAOSSEARCH.

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