Traditional search and analytics solutions miss the mark

We make storing data fast and easy. And, at the same time, we enable rapid search and analytics with a managed service, based on simple, elastic storage.

Streamline and automate all your data to get actionable results at the lowest cost possible.


A new cloud-based search and analytics platform built on Amazon S3. We give you scalability, performance, ease of use, and affordability — regardless of how much data you store or how frequently you query.

We’ve cracked the code to search and analytics

CHAOSSEARCH takes a new approach to dramatically increase data scale while, at the same time, reducing the operational costs of text search and relational analytics. We’ve reinvented indexing to remove the limits, cost, and complexity of conventional solutions by leveraging the premier cloud storage platform: Amazon S3.

The CHAOSSEARCH platform uniquely decouples storage from compute (zero local storage) and gives you an entirely new way to store, index, and execute your queries of any scale. We enable you to streamline and automate your data management process within your own S3 account — no data movement, transformation, or schema definition.

Leverage cheap, elastic, durable storage with powerful text search, relational queries, and visualization.


Store everything and ask anything with a fully managed solution.

Today’s solutions require significant care and feeding. CHAOSSEARCH has built a fully managed SaaS platform that allows you to focus on search and analytics rather than spend time managing and tuning databases. Use your own S3 without worrying about the traditional complexities of search and/or relational databases. Let us do the rest — automate the discovery, organization, and indexing of all your data.

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