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CHAOSSEARCH is a fully managed SaaS platform that allows you to focus on search and analytics in AWS S3 rather than spend time managing and tuning databases. Leverage your existing AWS S3 infrastructure and let us do the rest. Watch this short video to learn how our unique approach and architecture allow CHAOSSEARCH to address the challenges of today’s data and analytic requirements.

Store everything and ask anything with a fully managed solution.

Search Analytics on your S3 data

CHAOSSEARCH is a cloud-native search analytics platform on object storage. CHAOSSEARCH has extended the Elasticsearch API directly onto Amazon S3, opening up search analytics across terabytes of log and event data, all at high performance and low cost.

Amazon S3 and Elasticsearch API support

Fully integrated Kibana visualization with enhancements

Backed by Amazon S3 — never move your data!

Multi-user, SSO/OAuth

Alerting notification with webhook integrations

Enhanced query management with burst/cancel

Comprehensive customer dashboard for data analytics and tracking

Unlimited data retention and queries

The CHAOSSEARCH architectural difference

We’ve cracked the code to search and analytics

CHAOSSEARCH takes a new approach to dramatically increase data scale while, at the same time, reducing the operational costs of text search and relational analytics. We’ve reinvented indexing to remove the limits, cost, and complexity of conventional solutions by leveraging the premier cloud storage platform: Amazon S3.

The CHAOSSEARCH platform uniquely decouples storage from compute (zero local storage) and gives you an entirely new way to store, index, and execute your queries at any scale. We enable you to streamline and automate your data management process within your own S3 account — no data movement, transformation, or schema definition.

To learn more about the CHAOSSEARCH architectural difference, download our white paper.

CHAOSSEARCH provided the managed search capabilities we needed while allowing a longer data retention period. Using the auto schema detection and data discovery features, we were able to more easily drill into our data and query it to extract insight.

Andrew Kenney, VP Engineering, Klaviyo

Fully managed service

CHAOSSEARCH eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional log management solutions. CHAOSSEARCH is a true, multi-tenant, data-as-a-service platform running in the cloud, all within your own S3. With built-in performance, there’s no infrastructure to manage or knobs to turn. CHAOSSEARCH automatically handles infrastructure, optimization, availability, data protection, and more so you can focus on gaining insights from your data instead of managing it.

Organize & manage all your data

Index, organize, manage, and catalog all your data — all within your own S3 infrastructure. CHAOSSEARCH supports ALL data types, whether from traditional sources or newer machine-generated data, without requiring cumbersome ETL and tradeoffs. CHAOSSEARCH patented technology natively indexes and optimizes both structured and semi-structured data such as JSON, CSV, or SYSLOG directly in S3 and makes it available via an Elasticsearch API without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

Create unique object groupings and views

S3 bucket discovery/data cataloging

Automated schema discovery/normalization

Index everything/full-text search/wildcarding

Users can describe and name new “logical” indexes based on “physical” indexes, completely eliminating the need to create index patterns in Kibana

Clean, prepare, and transform data directly within CHAOSSEARCH — no data movement outside of S3. Programmatically and dynamically change schema and associated data on the fly

Users can shape (i.e. remove / move) attributes, change attribute schema (i.e. built-in transforms), sort by multiple attributes (i.e. composite keys), and correlate two indexes (i.e. inner / join)

Virtual transformation

The CHAOSSEARCH Virtual Data Refinery is an in-app collection of tooling designed to clean, prepare, and virtually transform data allowing users to programmatically and visually interact with information as needed, without the cost or complexity associated with ETL procedures.

Multiple deployment options

CHAOSSEARCH offers a flexible deployment model based upon your requirements.


Delivered as a fully managed service on our cloud, we eliminate the provisioning, integrations, administration, and management demands of traditional search and analytics solutions. 

Customer’s Amazon VPC

CHAOSSEARCH can also be deployed in your AWS environment. Deployed in your VPC, you receive all the benefits of a superior search solution within your own secure infrastructure. CHAOSSEARCH provides training and knowledge transfer so you realize all the benefits of our cloud solution, but within your environment.

Compliance and security

CHAOSSEARCH is backed by Amazon S3, which offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Amazon S3 provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage.

CHAOSSEARCH leverages established best practices for security controls as part of our security program. CHAOSSEARCH works with certified, third-party auditors to maintain security compliance and attestations including SOC 2 and HIPAA.

Business continuity

CHAOSSEARCH uses your AWS S3 object storage as its data repository. AWS provides a secure and scalable environment for data with replication, high availability and data durability built-in. Never move your data. Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9’s) of durability.

The traditional log management paradigm is broken

Learn how you can search terabytes of log data on S3
with no limits at low cost.