CHAOSSEARCH Platform Pricing

Our goal is to provide simple and easy to understand per-GB pricing to make it cost effective for any size company to store, search, and visualize an endless amount of data. Don’t be limited by restrictive data retention. And don’t worry about spikes in your data growth.

All CHAOSSEARCH data plans include unlimited retention. Store everything. Ask anything.

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$0.70/GB per Month

  • Unlimited data retention
  • Full Kibana search and dashboards
  • Full text & relational queries
  • Extensive API access
  • Onboarding Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team


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Pricing Examples

Data Per MonthPrice Per Month
50 GB per day
1,500 GB per month
100 GB per day
3,000 GB per month
300 GB per day
9,000 GB per month
More than 1,000 GB per day?
More than 30 TB per month?
Volume discounts


  • Flexible Tiered-pricing Model
  • Annual or Multi-year Pricing options
  • Shared or Dedicated Instances
  • Perpetual, Annual or Monthly Licencing
  • On-Premise/Inside-the-VPC Deployment

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