Reduce Amazon Costs

Reduce your Elasticsearch and Amazon S3 costs while getting access to more data.

Reduce Elasticsearch spend with CHAOSSEARCH and Amazon S3

CHAOSSEARCH™ allows you to migrate your log and event data from your existing Elasticsearch cluster directly to Amazon S3 allowing you to shrink the size of your hot clusters and use CHAOSSEARCH as a warm Elasticsearch cluster. Run fewer servers, and, at the same time, access unlimited log and event storage — all at a disruptive price based on the power of S3 object storage.

Save on Amazon S3 with CHAOSSEARCH

CHAOSSEARCH indexes every field in every document. We never need to return to the source data. Additionally, schema changes are made without re-indexing your data. The CHAOSSEARCH indexes are highly compressed for increased query speed and reduced storage cost. After indexing with CHAOSSEARCH, migrate your source log and event data to Amazon Glacier and save even more money on your S3 infrastructure.

Replace Amazon Elasticsearch and gain unlimited retention

Amazon makes it incredibly easy to provision and use Elasticsearch in your cloud infrastructure. But by offloading the complexity of Elasticsearch cluster management to a hosted provider, such as AWS, your cost to store log and event data can quickly become expensive. Use the power of the fully managed CHAOSSEARCH platform to cost-effectively store an unlimited amount of log and event data for a fraction of your existing Amazon Elasticsearch spend.

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Cut your Elasticsearch costs and reduce your Amazon S3 spend, all with CHAOSSEARCH.