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WEBINAR: Reaching the Elasticsearch Wall: When Expanding Log and Event Data Threatens to Topple Your ELK Strategy

Data is not helpful if you are drowning in it. This is especially true for the thousands of companies using the open source Elasticsearch solution to observe, measure, and analyze their log and event data.

ELK was originally touted as the fastest and most cost-efficient approach to logging challenges. But as the data grows beyond expectations, Elasticsearch is hitting walls, and these companies are suffering from unexpected infrastructure and human capital costs for managing the ballooning data.

If you are facing untenable costs or struggling with data retention, this webcast is for you.

  • Find out why these issues are rapidly escalating
  • Learn about scalable and secure alternatives
  • Look at new approaches to solve the problem

About the presenters:

Betsy Bilhorn
SVP, Products

Tom O’Connell

Kevin Davis
Solution Architect

Greg Schulz
Microsoft MVP
Server StorageIO™