Security and Compliance Logging

Enable the accessibility of ALL long-term security log and event data.

Data collection and storage is critical to identify security risks

The time to identify major security events is measured in months. However, storing the increasing volume of log and event data in Elasticsearch can break the most robust budgets. Some compliance standards mandate data retention for 7 years or more. Leverage the power of CHAOSSEARCH to cost-effectively store months and years of security log and event data within your own Amazon S3 infrastructure. We turn S3 into a warm, searchable archive.

Hunt, search, and visualize ALL your security and event log data in one place

With increasing emphasis on security and compliance, it is inevitable that your business will go through an audit, either by choice or at the demand of your customers. Be prepared. Use tools like Kibana to rapidly hunt for and identify security issues, breaches, and risky user behaviors. Leverage all the security and availability of Amazon S3 and get access to months and years of security and compliance logs.

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Rapidly search historical log and event files for security risks and compliance without ever having to move the data out of Amazon S3.