Streamline Data Discovery and Management

Dynamically and seamlessly discover, catalog, and index on Amazon S3.

CHAOSSEARCH makes it easy to dynamically discover, catalog and index all your data in Amazon S3.

Utilize Amazon S3 as a data lake with CHAOSSEARCH

Dump as much data as you want into your S3 infrastructure. Let CHAOSSEARCH discover and organize it for you — regardless of size and type. We automate your data cataloging and indexing process without ever moving your data.

Simplify your data indexing pipelines

Stop managing Logstash and Elasticsearch ingest nodes. Once your data is in S3 — you’re done. The CHAOSSEARCH auto-discovery and data refinery removes most of the pipelines you currently manage and maintain. We accelerate the time it takes to gain insights from your data.

CHAOSSEARCH makes it easy to manage and maintain your discovered content.

Discover what’s in your data

If you’re paying to store data, you should be able to use that data. However, understanding what’s in your S3 buckets is painful. We organize the data you catalog and create virtual folders (or buckets) that further define and filter the files within those buckets. CHAOSSEARCH gives you the keys to unlock your data.

No data movement and no ETL

Take advantage of a centralized data repository on S3. We give you a cost-effective and scalable solution that makes it possible to store unlimited data of any type, from any source.

CHAOSSEARCH lets you centralize any type of data data in Amazon S3 buckets for analysis.

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Dynamically and seamlessly discover, catalog, and index on Amazon S3.